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Who We Are

In 2009, The Brandit Agency started with a small group of like-minded business professionals that had a common goal in mind - smart marketing. Since then, that goal is still upheld, but we have adapted to the new digital era. Brandit has evolved into a branding marketing agency that has infused technology into its practices. Our unique set of skills helps businesses optimize time and money, with style.

What We Do

The Brandit Agency is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. Our services are the building blocks of developing your brand. Brandit is a place where you can fulfill all your promotional needs, whether it be apparel, uniforms, pens, or even sign spinners, we have it all. We simplify the buying process by developing an e-commerce portal just for you, in which the many branches of your company can order the products and services they need to be successful marketers in their demographic area.

How We Do It

We create online e-commerce portals that balance business needs. Our team supports your business by maintaining portals, overseeing orders, and organizing the complete supply chain process. Finding vendors? That’s us. Printing your logos on products? Again, us. The other 10 logistics that go into promotional marketing? You guessed it! US. With our strategy and programming, we can give you one less thing to worry about.